Brian D. Stephens writes spiritual books and has a blog about enlightened teachers and the spiritual journey.
Brian D. Stephens author and seeker

Find Your Spiritual Path

This site exists to help you find and progress along your own unique spiritual path.

The goal is to help you get past the common impediments to spiritual progress and find enlightened teachings you can rely upon for guidance.

Some of the writings describe my struggles and breakthroughs on the spiritual path. Hopefully, you can take something away from them that you can incorporate into your own journey.

My Story in Brief

I was raised in a Christian church where I learned about God. But it was only an idea in the mind. It felt far way and inaccessible.

There had to be something more to spirituality than just blind faith. I became disenchanted by religion and forgot about God for many years.

Then eventually I began searching for the truth outside of religious institutions. I was naive and made mistakes. My first meditation teacher turned out to be a charlatan.

Through God’s mercy I met a true enlightened master (Mother Meera) and found my spiritual path. With the help of Jesus, Meher Baba, Mother Meera, and other saints I have progressed spiritually.

Now I live in San Diego, close to the ocean. My brother and I are in the real estate business. And I write about the spiritual journey.


The first book took four years to complete and was published in 2017. During that time, I also completed a draft of the second book that I’m currently editing. It will probably be published in 2024.

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