Three Spiritual Paths: Light, Stillness, Love

still windless lakeThe divine is present throughout creation. It is the formless intelligence that guides and sustains creation, what science now calls the quantum field. And from it arises all the countless forms on the physical, energetic, and mental planes of reality.

Enlightened teachers have different names for the divine such as the Paramatman or the Self. And they describe the divine in various ways such as light, stillness, and love.

Before embarking on the spiritual path a person is trapped in a false sense of separateness from the divine. And through the spiritual journey the illusion of separateness gradually falls away. There are many ways of approaching the divine. And for years I’ve been conflicted about which path to take.


As a young boy, I once saw the Paramatman light falling to the earth at the base of a tree. Then I forgot about the experience. And it wasn’t until I received many darshans from Mother Meera that I learned how to consciously see the light.

By focusing on light, I connect with the deeper reality. It would seem that aligning with the Paramatman light is my spiritual path.


While reading enlightened teachings such as God Speaks, Guru Vachaka Kovai, or The Upanishads my awareness turns inward. And the mind stills like a calm, windless lake.

Ramana Maharshi taught the spiritual practice of self-enquiry. While practicing self-enquiry my system gradually aligns with the Self. The vibrations in the energetic body and the thoughts in the mind subside. Maharshi and his devotees who attained liberation are manifestations of stillness. If I am to awaken as those before me, surely I should focus on the stillness of the Self.


In the duality of creation love draws us closer to the divine, and fear keeps us trapped in a false sense of separateness. While focusing on avatars such as Jesus and Meher Baba the heart opens, and I am immersed in their divine love. Is there any better experience in life? Surely mine is the path of love and devotion to the divine.

A Unique Path

Each person’s spiritual path is unique. So what is my path? Should I focus on the Paramatman light, or the stillness of the Self, or should I express love and devotion to the divine? Only time will tell.


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