Having a Sociopath as a Spiritual Teacher

dark spiritual teachers are to be avoided but they can be difficult to identify

While living in Los Angeles, I became interested in spirituality and unknowingly chose the worst kind of spiritual teacher. Although I didn’t know it at the time, he is a charlatan and a sociopath. In spite of everything I am doing well. I am surrounded by God’s mercy and grace. Yet you should let my story be a cautionary tale. And be careful in whom you choose to guide you along the spiritual path… Read more

Charlatan Spiritual Teachers

charlatan spiritual teachers can delay your spiritual progress

Choosing a spiritual teacher to guide you along the path is an important decision. The teachers who have reached an advanced spiritual state can show you how to still the mind and directly experience the deeper reality. Many spiritual teachers falsely claim to have attained liberation in order to attract seekers looking for spiritual guidance… Read more

Selling the Story of Awakening

charlatan spiritual teachers tell a made up story about attaining liberation

There are some advanced spiritual teachers that help others to progress along the path. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who play the role of a “spiritual teacher” are not spiritually advanced. If you make the mistake of relying upon such a person for guidance they will become an obstacle to your spiritual progress. You can be aware of how these unqualified teachers market themselves… Read more