Connecting Life Forms to the Paramatman Light

connecting trees to the Paramatman light

I’ve been using the Paramatman light to help other life forms. It started with trees, then birds, then insects, and now people.

Paramatman is a Hindu name for the universal consciousness that permeates and sustains everything in creation. In her book Answers, Mother Meera explains that her work is to bring down the Paramatman light for the benefit of others. And she explains that people who attend her darshans learn how to see the light.

About five years ago, after receiving many darshans with Mother Meera, I began seeing the Paramatman light. It looks like fine rain drops falling from the sky. The light is mostly transparent and is easier to see when there is a darker object behind it.

At first, I could only see the light around sunset while standing outside and looking at the top of trees. After several years and more darshans, I learned how to see the light anywhere and during any time of day by simply placing my attention upon it.

” Paramatman is infinite light, and is the Source of all.”
–Mother Meera, Answers

Connecting Trees

I often walk from my apartment to the ocean to watch the sunset. While walking, I focus on the light and the different forms of nature. It occurred to me one day to try and direct the light into the trees I walk by on the way to the ocean.

Each life form has a physical body on the physical plane of reality and a corresponding energy body on the energetic plane. In order to direct light into the tree, I begin by touching it in order to connect with its energy body. The tree’s energy is initially dense and vibrating at a low level because it has yet to be exposed to the divine light. I focus on the light and direct it into the top of the tree’s energy body. After five to ten seconds the tree responds energetically. I interpret the response as a feeling of joy at being infused with the light. Then I pray for the tree, “May you be reborn in a higher life form.” 

When I return to touch the tree on a different day, its energetic body is vibrating at a much higher level. Being exposed to the light one time makes a permanent change in its subtle body. The tree communicates with me energetically and expresses its happiness. We have become friends.

With practice, I learned how to direct the light into a tree without touching it. Although touching a tree makes the process easier.

Connecting the trees with the divine light is enjoyable. Yet I don’t do it for personal benefit. I feel a sense of responsibility to help these life forms. After all, beings at a higher state have helped me to progress spiritually. The Dalai Lama often points out that all life forms want happiness and to avoid suffering.

Occasionally, I wonder what the trees look like on the energetic plane once they are infused with light. Is there a pattern of lighted trees from my apartment to the ocean?

Connecting Birds

The downstairs neighbor has a hummingbird feeder and a bird bath. So a wide variety of birds congregate in the trees around my apartment building.

I am particularly fond of the hummingbirds. You can hear their wings buzzing as they fly back and forth from the trees and the feeder. Often they will perch in a tree and sing.

All forms of nature are more in touch with the deeper reality. Unlike humans they are not burdened by a fully formed ego that keeps them trapped in the thinking mind and disconnected from Source.

The birds around the apartment are active in the morning while searching for food. Then they tend to rest during the day. In the hour before sunset they sing and fly around in response to the global energy shift that occurs with the setting sun. The birds also begin singing more during the times that Mother Meera gives darshan. It seems that her grace impacts my energetic system and it in turn affects other life forms in my vicinity.

After learning how to connect the trees to the light, I decided to connect birds as well. As with the trees, I look at a bird and tap into its energetic body. Then I align with the divine light and direct it into the bird’s energy body. In five to ten seconds the bird responds with a feeling of joy. And then I pray that the bird be reborn as a higher life form.

At first my technique was unpolished and less effective. Often a bird would sense a shift occurring in its energy body and fly off. Yet with practice the technique was refined. And now it is an effective way of helping the birds.

After connecting a bird to the light I usually watch it for a while. Often the bird will turn its head and begin watching me as well. And then when I stop focusing on the bird it flies away.

It is easier to connect with the Paramatman light in the hour before sunset. And walking along the ocean helps to still my mind and the energetic body. So I especially enjoy going to the ocean each evening around sunset.

Once it was possible to connect the birds outside my residence to the light, I began doing the same thing with the birds at the ocean. Seagulls and other birds look for food at the ocean shore. While walking by them I connect their energetic bodies to the light.

I initially connected the birds one at a time. Yet sometimes I will pass a group of twenty or thirty birds. So I decided to try connecting all of them to the light at once, and it worked.

Connecting Insects

For the most part, I welcome the insects that find their way into my apartment through the open windows. Spiders create webs along the ceiling. And small insects congregate around the lights at night.

When I notice an insect in the apartment, I direct the divine light into its energetic body and pray that it be reborn into a higher life form. And after it is done the small life form becomes another friend.

Each different species has a certain feel to its energy body. I do not enjoy tapping into the energy body of a spider. Yet each life form is an expression of the infinite. And each of us has had to evolve from these lower life forms before finally achieving a human body.

Connecting People

While connecting lower life forms to the light, it did not occur to me to try the same thing with people. Then one day that changed.

Some of the people that I pass by at the ocean or see at the gym are suffering. They seem trapped by their egos and past conditioning. My heart goes out to such people and often I try to help them.

Connecting someone’s energy body with the light happens in much the same way as it does for other life forms. I see the light and envision it entering the top of the head. And after five to ten seconds I feel a sudden shift in the person’s energy body—a feeling of joy. Then I pray as follows, “Divine Mother please help him in any way you feel is best.”

For some reason, I don’t feel compelled to connect each person I encounter to the light. Instead it only happens for those that I notice.


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