Drawing Your Awareness Within

I have found that reading an enlightened teaching three times a day, for five to ten minutes each time, changes my internal reality and changes the way I interact with the world. The grace of an enlightened teacher draws my awareness within, toward the Self and away from the illusion of separate objects.

For some reason, the teachings of Meher Baba and Ramana Maharshi are the most helpful in drawing my intention deeply within. And of all their enlightened teachings, three in particular are the most powerful. Guru Vachaka Kovai is a book about the teachings of Ramana Maharshi that was written by one of his awakened devotees, Muruganar. The other two books were written by Meher Baba: God Speaks and In God’s Hand.

Reading Guru Vachaka Kovai a few years ago provided a spiritual breakthrough. My awareness was drawn so deeply inward that the mind stilled, and I was unable to speak for a day. After that the experience returns, to varying degrees, while reading any of the mentioned books.

Karen and I often speak about her health and her spiritual journey. Recently I recommended that she read from God Speaks three times a day. And she has found the practice to be very helpful in keeping her energetic system balanced and her mind more still.


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