A Vision of the Trees

Trees are Portals into the Deeper RealityFor the last three days, I’ve been entering receipts into the accounting software and preparing the business and personal tax returns. As a change of pace, I have been working at the kitchen table. It is right next to the window, and just outside are two trees planted near the apartment building. They are frequently visited by the various species of birds that live in this apartment complex. Over the years, I have hooked the trees up to the Paramatman light.

Working next to the window allows me to unplug somewhat from the matrix (maya) and tap into the deeper reality. The mind is more still during the day and work is more pleasant. I also found myself turning away from the computer and immersing myself in the stillness of nature.

During my midday nap today, I had a vision of foliage that was just outside a window. I was able to stay in alignment during the vision and not get pulled back into the ego. And as a result it was longer than most, about twenty seconds.

I believe that the vision was created by my guardian angels. They were telling me to continue focusing on the trees outside the apartment as a spiritual practice.


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