Limiting Thoughts

Becoming Free of the Ego-controlled Mind

It has become clear that most of my thoughts put some sort of limitation on what I am capable of doing. And they are lies.

Any thought which appears in the mind should be viewed skeptically. At least ninety percent of them are negative in some way. They either arise from the ego or from the outside negative influence that is always attempting to deter my personal happiness and spiritual progress. The darkness of maya is constantly attempting to keep your attention away from the deeper reality, or what Ramana Maharshi calls the Self.

Of course each person is burdened with an ego that uses thought as a way of maintaining its self-identity. It focuses on the past, or the future, or some meaningless subject as a way of keeping your attention trapped in the mind. And when your awareness is freed temporarily from the constraints of the ego-controlled mind it feels as though you have been let out of prison. The spell has been broken. You are suddenly a conscious person instead of an unconscious one. You might even wonder how you could allow yourself to become so ensnared in endless thinking. Then before you know it some thought captures your attention. And you may go for hours before realizing that you are no longer connected to the Self.

Love and fear are two opposite forces in creation. Love frees us from maya and the illusion of separateness, and fear keeps us trapped within it.

The ego is a part of maya. It is a foreign life form that has taken control of your awareness. It causes suffering by keeping you focused on external objects and trapped in the illusion of separateness. It uses fear to keep you from realizing your potential in life and from connecting with your deeper nature.

We are manifestations of the infinite intelligence that creates and sustains creation. We are capable of great things. Ignore the limiting thoughts of the little, fragile ego. Listen instead to the guidance of your soul’s intuition. It will lead you out of suffering. It will help you live at the highest level and become all that God wants you to be.

So I will create the habit of watching the mind. When it becomes active, I will turn my attention to the Self. When a thought captures my attention, I will discern whether it is limiting me in some way. If so, I will recognize it as a lie and dissolve it in the Paramatman light. And I will consciously create my own reality—one in which I am living at the highest level both personally and spiritually.


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