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This page includes some of my favorite quotes by Mother Meera. They are organized by the book in which they are found.

Answers by Mother Meera

Mother Meera is an incarnation of the divine mother
Mother Meera is an incarnation of the divine mother

“Each person has his or her own path. Choose the one that is easy, convenient, and that comes spontaneously. The choice is influenced by one’s past and by familiar practices.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p50

“The soul acts as a protector during our lives, and is always with us. It has no wishes of its own. It is not only a witness or a guide but also helps our development. Free from the influence of our actions, it remains permanently with us through our lives until we unite with the Divine.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p89

“When you get to the top of the mountain, then you must go down again and help others up, according to their capacities and strength. There is no rest in this work; the highest serves most lovingly; the wisest listens best; the one who has seen gives his whole life to help others to see. This is the divine way.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p119

“Offering everything, pure and impure, is the best and quickest way to develop spiritually. If your offer everything to the Divine, the Divine will accept and change it, even the worst things. It is not what you offer but that you offer which is important. Offer everything and you will acquire the habit of thinking always about God. That will change you.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p78-79

“If we only accept our karma and act according to that, there will be no end to it – our karma will continue for many, many lives. However, if we pray and offer the fruits of our actions to the Divine, then our karma can be stopped, lessened, or transformed.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p71

“Evil is real, but not the final reality. The final reality is the Light and love of God. Root yourself in that final reality always and at every moment, and evil will crumble around you.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p112

“She gives help for physical, mental, vital and spiritual well-being, gives peace, and helps people to obtain their needs. When humans on Earth are afflicted with difficulties, it is the Divine Mother who relieves suffering and lifts them up.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p17

Mother Meera travels the world giving silent darshan
Mother Meera travels the world giving silent darshan

“Suffering is one way, but it is not the main way. It comes by itself; you don’t have to ask for it. If you are suffering naturally you will ask for happiness. But the Divine never says that suffering is necessary – this idea is created by human beings. The Divine asks us to be happy, harmonious and peaceful.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p84-85

“Paramatman is infinite light and is the Source of all, of being, knowledge, bliss, of peace, of each atman, each soul.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p13

“I cannot say at what level you will be when you see it. It depends on your strong aspiration to see it and also on the maturity of your practice. It is the aim of human beings to see the Paramatman Light, first to see it and then to merge with it.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p38

“Happiness and spiritual growth are connected. Being peaceful and being happy form the most important foundation of spiritual practice. Then the practice goes by itself.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p10

“We have to try to reveal that Light which is hidden in us as a bud. It must blossom like a flower. In all things everywhere, in all beings, the Light is hidden, and it must be revealed. If we try with all our hearts we will be successful. I want the Paramatman Light to blossom everywhere.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p13

“Sadhana can be done with family life. People should stay where they are and turn all their attention to the Divine and open to the Light.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p93

“Close your eyes and sit in silence and do japa on any divine name. … Yes, whatever appeals at the moment is all right. One doesn’t have to have a fixed mantra.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p63-64

Mother Meera was born enlightened
Mother Meera was born enlightened

“Studying different paths is useful because it gives a knowledge of the path I general as well as a respect for other traditions. If we know only a few paths we may hold a limited, rigid view. A broad background is better – it helps us when we have experiences by giving us clarification and confidence that we are going in the right direction.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p87

“If there is pride or vanity, then you are not awake. The really great saints and yogis are always the most humble. Humility is love; humility is what the heart knows. True joy is humble, because is pure and given. A humble man is always quick to see his mistakes. Unless you are humble, the Divine will not use you. My power will only pass through you when you are clear – otherwise it would be dangerous for you. You must keep yourself clear at all times. The ego will keep on trying to seize for itself what the soul is learning.”
– Mother Meera, Answers, p68

Answers II by Mother Meera

“An Avatar is born with wisdom and a jnani achieves wisdom through sadhana.”
– Mother Meera, Answers II, p18

“An Avatar is a divine incarnation and comes for the uplifting of the whole human race, for divine purpose.”
– Mother Meera, Answers II, p15

“Avatars come from Paramatman. To come to earth, thy do not need to have previous incarnations as human beings. They are always Avatars. Whenever Paramatman asks them to go to earth, they are born on earth. Avatars have no good or bad karma. There is no karma for them. They are above karma. Karma is only for human beings.”
– Mother Meera, Answers II, p17

“The light is continuously coming down. Some see it already at darshan. Some see it outside darshan. Eventually everyone will see it and be transformed.”
– Mother Meera, Answers II

“It is better to be content with what God has given you. Happiness does not depend on the money or outside circumstances but on the peace within you.”
– Mother Meera, Answers II, p77


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