Perceiving the Energetic Plane of Reality

God Speaks three planes of realityAccording to many enlightened teachers there are three planes of reality: mental, energetic, and physical. The mental plane is composed of ideas. The energetic plane is composed of energetic forms. And the physical plane is composed of physical forms.

In his book God Speaks, Meher Baba explains that everything in our physical world comes into being first as an idea of the infinite intelligence. The ideas give rise to energetic forms that then become the basis of physical forms.

The vast majority of people on the planet perceive only the physical plane of reality. And according to Meher Baba, the spiritual journey begins when a person learns to perceive the energetic plane of reality.

The ability to access the energetic plane can happen in two ways. You can feel energetic forms through your energetic body. And you might even see energetic forms with your physical eyes.

Most seekers have occasional visions of the energetic planes. And some seekers are always able to see various energetic forms. If a seeker is being guided along the path by an enlightened master, he may be veiled from seeing energetic forms. Because it is easy for a seeker to get lost in the energetic planes, forget to focus on the deeper reality, and become delayed in his spiritual progress.

Each object on the physical plane has a corresponding energetic form on the energetic plane. I can feel the energetic form of the physical forms I see. And I can perceive the various universal energies, from the infinitely subtle Paramatman light to the coarse vibrations of the lower planes. But I rarely see energetic forms with my physical eyes.

If you begin to feel or see various energetic forms, do not allow yourself to become distracted by them. Keep your attention on the deeper reality. And do not allow the ego to use your abilities as a way of strengthening itself. The ego will attempt to claim everything for its own, including your own spiritual abilities. Remember that you will make true spiritual progress through the gradual dissolution of the ego. And only when the ego is destroyed does the false sense of separateness disappear leading to liberation.

Each seeker’s path is unique. Yet the seekers that take the quickest path to liberation are guided by an enlightened master that keeps them on the straight and narrow.


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