What You Have Yet to Experience on the Spiritual Path

levels of the spiritual pathYou have probably heard the expression, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And though the words seem to have a circular logic, they contain a profound insight that applies to the spiritual journey.

On the spiritual path the only knowing that matters is what you experience directly. Conceptual knowledge is only useful in pointing you to an experience of the divine. If it doesn’t do that then an idea is at best useless and at worst keeps you from experiencing the divine.

There are two levels of truth. Those who have always interpreted reality through the ego-controlled mind view truth merely as an idea. For them an idea that accurately explains reality is a truth. And this surface level of truth is important in making sense of the phantasmagoria of the external world.

Yet there is also a truth that exists beyond the limitations of the thinking mind. It is the direct experience of the divine. And only this deeper level of truth enables you to progress along the spiritual path.

Your ability to experience the divine is affected by your remaining karma. It acts as a barrier between you and the formless unity that permeates and sustains creation. As your karma dissolves, through grace and your own efforts, you are able to experience the formless in a deeper way.

At each point along the path, a seeker has only experienced the divine at a certain level. And he is ignorant of what it is like to experience the formless at a deeper level.

If a seeker is not careful he can delude himself regarding his level of spiritual knowledge and development. He may mistakenly believe that his current spiritual practice is superior to other approaches that he has not even tried. He may become complacent believing that he has already achieved a high spiritual state or even attained liberation.

Spiritual breakthroughs occur now and again that allow us to experience the divine in a deeper way. A veil is removed and we are reminded of how much we didn’t know.

As you walk your own unique spiritual path remain humble and open to new ways of perceiving the formless unity. Surrender you personal will to the divine will. The divine will respond by bringing more grace into your life. And then what you think you know will constantly be replaced by an ever expanding perception of the deeper truth.


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