The Enlightened Presence of Papaji and Krishna

enlightened presence of papaji and krishnaI’m reading the three-volume biography of Papaji written by David Godman. It contains interviews with Papaji and letters he wrote to devotees. Reading Papaji’s biography so often over the last few weeks has exposed me to his enlightened presence.

By progressing along the spiritual path, I learned to perceive subtle variations of energy. When connecting internally with various enlightened teachers I noticed that each has their own energy, for lack of a better word. Each is enlightened, yet the light of Source is projected through their form in a unique way.

I seem to have a unique relationship with each enlightened teacher that is based on my internal connection with them. And the stronger the connection the more grace I am able to receive.

For instance, my connection with Jesus is strong due to past sadhana in this and other lifetimes. While focusing on him, I feel a profound sense of love. Yet while connected with Krishna, I perceive a still and infinitely subtle energy.

For the last few days, I have practiced self-enquiry throughout the day and especially during my walks along the beach. When placing my attention on the source of the ego I clearly perceive Papaji’s enlightened presence. It is as if Papaji is the Self.

Tonight I realized that Papaji’s enlightened presence is very similar to that of Krishna. Perhaps it is only a coincidence. Or perhaps it is a result of Papaji attuning himself so closely with Krishna.

Papaji was a Krishna bhakti. It was his main spiritual path before meeting Ramana Maharshi and attaining liberation. In the biography of Papaji a devotee recounts seeing Krishna’s blue sudarshan chakra while in Papaji’s presence. Apparently Krishna used the sudarshan chakra as a weapon in the Mahabharatha, an ancient Indian story.

I am grateful for Papaji’s grace. And I am grateful for the spiritual practice of self-enquiry that was originally taught by Ramana Maharshi.


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