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    Hi Brian,

    I’ve connected deeply with the Paramatman Light when I was introduced to Mother Meera’s online Livestream Darshan last week. A simple thought of the Light is enough to fill me with bliss.

    Do you have issues where your body needs time to adjust to the new energy?


    Mother Meera brings down the Paramatman light as a means of helping people to draw closer to the divine. The Paramatman is the formless aspect of the divine that exists throughout creation.  The energetic form of the Paramatman vibrates at the highest most subtle level.

    At this point, I have received 41 darshans from Mother Meera over 13 years. I found her grace to be profound yet act in an almost imperceptible way. For instance, you look back at your life over the last six months and realize you have changed dramatically. Yet you were not consciously aware of the change while it was happening.

    The point is that Meera’s grace is subtle. Yet you are noticing a shift in your physical body.

    Meera’s enlightened presence and the Paramatman light she uses in her darshans vibrate at the highest level. The vast majority of spiritual teachers are not enlightened. The energy they use vibrates at a lower more course level. So most seekers have not been exposed to energy vibrating at the highest level–whether from being in the company of a spiritual teacher or reading spiritual books.

    The Paramatman light may be dispelling lower vibrating energy from your system. Or perhaps your energetic body is reacting to being exposed to energy vibrating at such a high level for the first time.

    Perhaps a personal story will illustrate what it is like to be exposed to a profound enlightened presence. My favorite enlightened teaching is God Speaks by Meher Baba. It has the most powerful transmission of grace that I’ve found from a spiritual book. In case you are interested, two other books that are also very powerful are In God’s Hand by Meher Baba and Guru Vachaka Kovai by Muruganar.

    The first time I read God Speaks I could only read about 10 pages at a time. The energy coming off the pages was such that I would become unable to concentrate on the words to continue reading. My energetic body was unaccustomed to being exposed to energy that was strong yet also vibrating at the highest level.

    After reading God Speaks many times I become accustomed to the energy. Perhaps you just need to become accustomed to being exposed to the Paramatman light.


    Hi Brian,

    This is wonderful insight, thank you.

    The Paramatman Light is very gentle but profound energy as you described. In Qigong, we are taught how to tap energy from the Cosmos and let it shower down our body in a Cosmic Shower. However, this new access to the Source is incredibly invigorating and blissful. I can feel blockages clearing in my body that my Qigong practice hasn’t been able to clear for the past 9 months.

    I can also feel chakras above the crown of my head vibrating in a purplish light. Are there even chakras above the crown?



    Unfortunately I can’t provide a definite answer regarding chakras above the crown. There are people who talk about them. Yet I would need to read about such chakras in an enlightened teaching before I would give them any credence.

    You are on a good path now. It is certainly a blessing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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