The Most Important Thing

infinite intelligence by meher baba

Since Mother Meera began diving darshan in India last Wednesday, the energy in my external environment is much better. Tonight I worked late at the office and arrived at the ocean around 7 pm. The sun had already set, but the sky was well lit. The sun sets later now with daylight savings time.

Normally I jog along the beach and then walk back to the car on the sidewalk next to the ocean. The energy from the ocean and setting sun pulls my attention inward after about fifteen minutes. And the journey back to the car becomes a walking meditation. The physical body is strong today. So I ran on the beach further than I have for a long time.

For several months, I have made the habit of focusing on Meher Baba during the walking meditations, as well as the Paramatman light. Today I can connect with him more easily, and I can feel the heart opening.

Meher Baba and the Paramatman light are both doorways into the deeper reality. Connecting with Meher Baba opens the heart. Aligning with the light releases the tension in the physical body that is caused by working at a desk and dealing with maya all day.

The light also provides a means of helping the people I encounter on the sidewalk. The connection to the deeper reality is stronger at the ocean and the light seems to radiate outward through my form.

While walking along the ocean, I focus on the ocean and the changing colors of the setting sun. And I watch the people I pass along the sidewalk. When I look into someone’s eyes it is apparent that they are being exposed to the light.

Occasionally, I feel drawn to direct the light into someone through the top of their head. After a few seconds, I can feel their energy body respond to the light. It becomes bright and happy. And the person is not consciously aware of what has happened.

Tonight I am more cognizant of how much of the day is spent focused on unimportant things. The mind moves from one meaningless thought to the next. And only when I stop to read an enlightened teaching is my attention fully focused on the divine. I must do a better job of attuning to the deeper reality throughout the day. I will try to establish the habit of reading a teaching by Meher Baba or Ramana Maharshi three times a day. After five to ten minutes of reading their grace pulls my awareness inward and stills the mind.

Reading Meher Baba’s book Infinite Intelligence enhanced my understanding of the four yoga paths. Yet now I am unsure of how to classify my own spiritual path. In all likelihood, I am a bhakti yogi. It is the path of love, devotion, and surrender to an enlightened teacher. The Dalai Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Ramana Maharshi have all helped me progress spiritually in this life. But I have a stronger connection with Mother Meera, Meher Baba, and Jesus.

Perhaps I am more than just a bhakti yogi. I often meditate by focusing on the Paramatman light. Is this a raja yoga spiritual practice?

When a negative thought arises in the mind, such as frustration, I try to avoid acting upon it. Sometimes I am not successful, and the thought influences my emotions and actions. But usually I avoid acting upon the thought. This is what Meher Baba describes as dnyan yoga.

While carrying out the duties of daily life I am usually detached. This is what Meher Baba describes as karma yoga.

I guess it doesn’t matter what my path is called. What matters is that I do a better job of focusing on the divine and not getting caught up in negative states during the day.


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